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DNS Umbrella - Best Umbrella Company Contractors in UK

DNS Umbrella is one of the best umbrella company contractors in UK that hires and employs contractors to work on temporary work assignments for end clients & agencies. DNS Umbrella Company manages taxation, National insurance contribution, payroll & other administrative tasks enabling a contractor or freelancer to focus on the work that actually matters.

Once a Contractor signs DNS agreement, he or she becomes the permanent employee of DNS Umbrella Company. A contractor enjoys almost all the benefits given to the permanent employees. Contractor’s job is just to fill the time sheet and payment details and share the same with DNS Umbrella Company. It’s our responsibility to raise an invoice to the end-clients. The amount paid by an agency or end client include 3 things –

  • Contractor’s pay.
  • Cost of employing the contractor.
  • Profit margin of DNS umbrella.

DNS Umbrella Company only subtracts their margin from the amount received from end-clients and pays the contractor. We use PAYE process to pay our contractors. To make them feel at home, we also provide other benefits like holiday, sick pay, maternity leave, pension provisions and minimum wage too. The list of expenses that you can claim through DNS Umbrella Company are given below –

  • Cost for accommodation
  • Cost related to training (In exceptional case)
  • Costs for medical tests – eye examination
  • Equipment cost (If equipment not working properly)
  • Cost of wearing shielding cloth.
  • Billable & Non-billable expenses.
  • Investment in pension schemes to save taxes up to 54%
  • Personal incidental expenses such as cost of morning newspaper or call to residence from work location etc.


The benefits of joining Umbrella company scheme are as follows –

Controller’s job is only to file their time sheet and payment details. It’s our responsibility to raise the invoice to the end client.

It is beneficial for contractors to work as an umbrella company as it is considered most appropriate for short term agreements with value less than £25000 a year.

DNS Umbrella Company subtracts National insurance contributions (NIC) and taxes before making a payment to the contractor. Hence, contractor does not have to be bothered about further payment of tax.

It helps contractor to understand that how much beneficial to them is contracting.

All the paperwork will be performed by someone else.

It not only gives you professional status but also give you an ability to create your own contracting brand.