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If you're just starting out on your contracting journey or taking on a short-term contract, getting paid through an umbrella company can be a stress-free option.

At DNS Umbrella we take care of all your compliance, taxes and make sure you get paid on time. You are employed under an overarching employment contract and paid through the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system. You can be assured that all your necessary taxes and National Insurance contributions are being calculated correctly – which means no surprise tax bills. You are entitled to all employment benefits like workplace pensions, holiday pay, maternity pay/paternity pay and sick pay.

With almost 15 years of experience with contractors and freelancers, you know you are in safe hands.

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DNS Umbrella has been shortlisted for a prestigious award at The Contracting Awards 2020 Best Umbrella Company – under 1,499 clients.

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Average Customer Rating:

Really Great Service

Really great service, can't fault them. Always very responsive when answering emails and providing information. Account easily set up and is a stress free way of getting paid regularly, perks are good too!

Regards, Heather

Star rating

All of the staff I have spoken to so…

All of the staff I have spoken to so far have been amazing, really friendly and efficient they will go above and beyond to help. My pay goes into my account promptly and I never have to chase

Regards, Toach Devgon

Star rating

DNS are very efficient and the best…

DNS are very efficient and the best part of the team is if they notice your timesheet has not come in they will send you and email or phone you to ask you if everything is ok.

Regards, Zahreen Peeroo

Star rating

Great to work with!

Farah was absolutely great, communication on point and answered any queries i had effectively.
Thank you Farah!!

Regards, Sasa O

Star rating

This umbrella company is one of thr best

This umbrella company is one of thr best the staff are always on on hand too help and resolve any issues you may hand..Farah Ahmad, and Hirachi are very helpful.

Regards, Susan Belle

Star rating

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