DNS Umbrella Partner Programme

Quick to set-up, and there’s no cost to becoming a partner – only benefits to you and your clients.

The Off-payroll rules in private sector come into force from 6th April 2021. This would mean more and more contractors will be forced to move to permanent or use Agency PAYE/Umbrella for their contracting. We have devised a simple partnership programme that will help you retain your clients if they decide to go back to contracting using a Limited Company and also retain a healthy margin till they use our employment Umbrella.

Partner Programme FAQs

To register your interest, please fill in our request a call back form. Our onboarding team will be in contact within the next few days to set up a call and get the ball rolling.
It’s free to join and there is no obligation for you to refer us.
Yes, you will need to sign an introducer agreement. This is to protect your interest and agree the terms and conditions under which the partnership will operate.
You’ll be given a landing webpage or unique email that you’ll use to refer clients to us. This will enable us to track your clients and give them a prioritised on-boarding service and the other benefits.
We operate on a fixed fee margin of £20 per week.
We will send you an update as soon as your referral joins. Moreover, you will receive a monthly reconciliation report, advising on the gross fee earned from your referrals and the invoice you should raise to us.

There is no obligation and you can leave whenever you want by giving us 30 days’ notice.

Yes, this is non-exclusive program and you are free to refer to anyone you like.
Yes, for the ones you introduced as long as there is no breach.

We do not force clients to use us or impose any other restrictions. For accountancy services we will not entertain clients who have been referred by you. For Umbrella, surely you can contact them and direct them to another umbrella company, if they are interested as this is something we do not control.

You get paid £5 per week per contractor you refer as long as we charge £20 per week. in case we charge less than £20 per week we will share the reduction 50/50.

How do I get more details?

Drop us an email on info@dnsumbrella.co.uk and our onboarding team will be hands-on to address any questions you may have.